Jord Watch as Fathers Day Gift Idea

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Wonder what to give dad this year for Fathers Day? Look no further as we have the best idea here for you: a new watch from Jord.

Jord Watch as Fathers Day Gift Idea

This is what that could look like…

Jord Watch as Fathers Day Gift Idea — Here’s one of the many elegant styles of Jord watches

As you know, I’ve featured the unique wooden watches from Jord here twice before (here and here), however, what they have just done is extend their watch lines with marble. Instant love!

Yes, confession: I kind of wanted this watch for myself. You know: to go with specific outfits. I like this all-silver band and encassing, and the gorgeous shades of white and silver grey marble watch face. Very elegant.

Jord Watch as Fathers Day Gift Idea

As the dad in question here is building his dream business, so our daughter and I felt it was fun to get the watch engraved with an uplifting saying.

Dad thinks it’s really cool to have this special message just for him, secretly tucked away at the back of his watch! Wouldn’t you love this?! Most Jord watch backplates can be engraved, so that is definitely an option to keep in mind.

Jord has almost butler-quality customer service going alongside with their watches. When you buy a watch from them, they ask you the size of the recipient upfront, so that it arrives perfectly-sized. No more waiting for weeks to find the right outfit to fix things for you!!

Jord Watch as Fathers Day Gift Idea
Jord Watch as Fathers Day Gift Idea

This particular watch had two silver colored bands, for different occasions: one leather strap and one metal. Both beautiful, and both already sized.

As you can tell, the marketing team at Jord knows how to wrap a gift. This watch comes boxed in a sleek white storage box. While the other watches we got from them came in a wooden storage box.

Each watch comes with a one year warranty as well as with options for return and exchange. So don’t worry about it if you are not sure which style dad will prefer — he can always exchange it. But he won’t. I can tell you that much. This is the kind of watch you instantly fall in love with, and because it is perfectly fitted, you won’t take off.

What’s nice, now that we live in the UK, is that Jord offered us, and you, free worldwide standard shipping. That is so generous. As I said, the watches are all spectacular, but the service this company provides makes you feel like you have your own ‘butler’. No question or request seems to be too much.

Get your own: enter the Jord watch Giveaway Raffle

Now I have fantastic news for you. Jord again wishes to run a raffle on our blog. That is: They will provide $100 towards any watch of your choice.

Jord Watch Raffle Details

  • The winner will receive a $100 gift code toward the purchase of any watch in our collection!The winner will be emailed in 1 month.
  • All other entrants will also be emailed a consolation 10% off gift code as well as early access to holiday discounts!
  • The contest will close at Jun 23, 2019 at 11:59pm.
    Minimum contest entries : 36.
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In case this is not 100% obvious yet: post is sponsored by, which provies Wood Watches by JORD – Luxury Hand-Crafted All-Natural Wooden Watches.

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