A handmade hair band with glitter beads? All girls love one!

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Thia handmade hair band with glitter beads make a suitable Christmas present for quite a wide age group, from toddlers to girls, to teens, tweens, and moms and aunts. As I needed two gifts, I have two different ones to show here. Aren’t they pretty?free tutorial craft

Our handmade Hair band with Glitter Beads is super-fast to make if you have a sewing machine, however, they can easily be made by hand also.  And the beading bit is fun to do.


1. Take a strip of pretty fabric of about 2 inches wide and about 7-8 inches long, and find a remnant of silk fabric of the same size and color. You probably have some scraps that would be perfect for this project.

2. Embellish the good side of the prettiest fabric with beads and sequins.   I am showing you two versions here, showing you that you don’t have to completely cover the fabric with beads… just a few beads & sequins here and there will do.  handmade 80s hair bands

In the teal blue hair band, there are sequins of all different sizes, all shell colored. There are also a few shell-colored beads. On the red hair band there are sequin-seed bead combi’s but there are not that many; just enough to enliven the paisley pattern of the material.

3. When you are finished beading, pin your lining on top of your beaded piece of fabric, and sew them together. Now turn it inside out, so that the pretty beads show again, and the seams do not show.

4. Have a look at the picture, I have one of each here. The red one has a thin piece of elastic in it, the pinky silk back strip (made with same fabric of the lining of that teal blue hair band) is made with wide elastic band. Both look good, I believe. So now choose either the pretty fabric or of the silky lining for your back strip.

The strip which must be about 6 inches long, and may be just an inch or so wide. Sew this strip into a tube. Turn the fabric the right side out, so that the nice side show up on the outside.

Run an approximately 4 inch piece of elastic band through the tube and secure it on both sides of the fabric so that you’ll get rippled stretch of fabric.

5. Sew your back strip onto the sequined front part of the hair band, and you’re done.

Tip about right-sizing: If you have a chance to measure the ‘exact’ size of the girl’s head, this would be idea. When you are visiting your niece, you could measure the circumference of her swim cap, for example, or another hair band that’s laying around…. If you don’t have a chance to ‘measure’ the right size for the hair band, then I recommend that you leave one side open, so that your niece can adjust it herself to the right size, and then close the opening herself with 2 stitches or so.

6. Take a picture of your finished project. Wrap it all up as a present. Make a gift tag, write your niece’s name on it, and scrap this project off your Santa’s Workshop list.

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First published December 9, 2009. Updated 2024.

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