Get Organized: iPhone Glitter Plugs

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These are for me: DIY glitter color-coded plugs, an answer to a great need: wire organization.

Entangled electronic wires are a time waster. Which wires are for what accessory: your iPhone wires, wires for the Kindle , the iPod, plus the speaker cords, computer wires, etc. They all look alike. To me at least.

Have that problem also?

glitter iphone ipad charger

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Glitter Nail Polish Comes to the Rescue

You’ll have fun allowing yourself to put glitter nail polish or otherwise glue  glitter all over your various cords / device extensions.

While searching for finding the right cord for the device that’s in your hand, you’ll have a smile on your face.

DIY iPhone charger with GLITTER: this is fun!

What You Need

The first thing you will need is:
Glitter Nail PolishHow-to: if you are just going to use glitter polish, then do a layer at the time and let it dry.
Tip 1: Just as with your nails, tape off areas you do not wish to cover ahead of time.
Tip 2: this project a great way to use up last year’s colors.
Optional Extra 2:
Rhinestone Gems for Nail Art
You can really have fun with rhinestones, and they are a bit addictive if you like bling. You can add them onto anything, … besides your nail polish of course.

Becoming a Glitter Pro ?

If you want to make a lot of these glitter plugs and are going to use a lot of glitter & polish, I recommend you get yourself proper craft supplies, which probably end up being more durable and less expensive :

Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Multipack, 24 Per Pack


Glue: which one is best depends on what surface you’ll want to attach the glitter to.  This article sets out which glue is best for what craft job.



source: plug photo: unknown, but found via, where you can follow me, on the foot, step by step, one creative concept at a time.

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