How to Silkscreen Posters & T-shirts with success

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How to Silkscreen is a many-step process. I have tried it several times now, and I find that working along a tutorial is the way to go for me. This tutorial on how to silkscreen, ahem, screen print as it is also called, is one of the better ones I have found. Silkscreening has like 500-500 steps in the process. So that while it is not difficult, it is easy to forget what steps come next in the silk screening process.

As I said, personally, I’m not that versed in using this medium yet. However, I love the creative and artistic results one can obtain with the silk screen process.

How to Silkscreen ~ Free Tutorial

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This article on ‘how to silkscreen posters and shirts’ by No media Kings is a superbly detailed and well-illustrated tutorial on the process of silk screening is provided by Shannon Gerard at No Media Kings. It is a must-read for any artist interested in the process.

This well-written ‘How to’ account states 4 phases in the silk screening process:
1. Choosing and Preparing Your Screen
2. Preparing Your Artwork
3. Burning the Stencil
4. Printing the Image.

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It tells you what materials you need along with “how to”s and “what not to do”s at every step along the way. Let me know if it works for you. Follow the above link for details.

BTW. if you are more of a video girl, check out these videos on silkscreen printing as well. Here is a favorite video:

This one is about How To Screen Print T Shirts Using Hand Cut Paper Stencils, which is a bit different than the method used by Shannon. Google for ‘free paper stencils’ and off you go. Seems simpler…

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