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Today I want to feature a lovely series of videos on how to make an art journal.

Millande from creates page after page layout in her journal, using all kinds of art making techniques that range from painting to collage. But best of all, she shows us how to just do it, hum-ti-dum, on a daily basis, just create a page of art, on its own.


how to make an art journal

This video shows the development of a collage to create a background for a future portrait.

Art Journal Technique: How to make a collage art journal background


Art Journal Technique: How to Draw a Portrait, Soulfully

This video shows you how to create a self-portrait. Her techniques are fresh and non-traditional.


Art Journal Technique: Layered Painting

This painting video shows layering and spirals and the process of developing a painting with adding and subtracting. She teaches you how to do build-ups, composition, use up excess paint, use recyclables such as an old credit card to do a good background paint cover, and more such interesting tips.


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These are just few samples of a whole slew of art journal videos. They show delightful art creation. Something to watch on a rainy (or snowy?) day.

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