DIY Winged Shoes

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Crazy great DIY winged shoes here .. Love, love, love these!!! What a cool DIY Fashion project.

By JWo

Make these removable wings for your shoes as a fashion statement, or for Halloween. Up to you. To me, they work fine as go-to-town shoes. Aren’t they just deliciously wicked?

Be a Fashion Goddess

JWo designed her shoe wings with Hermes, the Greek god with his famous winged shoes in mind. 

Well, I could do with a bit more speed in my step, so that works fine for me. As well, wings to me mean angels, and as I love everything angelic, these DIY removable shoe wings are just up my alley.

Like them?

Project How-to for your DIY Winged Shoes

How you make them can be illustrated quite simply:

winged shoes

You can find a detailed Tutorial here: JWo Designs (photo credit)

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And then, when you are all done with your shoes, it’s time to upcycle them!

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