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I know this article on ‘Makeup Tips for Free Lipsticks’ is only the second makeup tips article on the blog, but it sure is splendid. I’m going to share with you a makeup secret to get a free Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, with every one that you buy. Yes! Believe it, because it’s true. The same ‘deal’ applies for any other brand lipstick. Because the ‘deal’ is simple applied science. For a lipstick stick to have enough strength to stay up straight and attached when new, full and in use, it must have a (nearly) equal amount of weight (read: lipstick) set in place in the lipstick holder as a counterbalance. I.e. there is a FREE 2nd LIPSTICK hidden in every lipstick shank. Makeup Tips Free Lipsticks ::


Most of us throw lipsticks away when they are level with the lipstick holder.  Right?!



Then, one day, I saw a friend have a lipstick brush. She was using up her below-the-level lipstick amount in her Chanel lipstick. “Well, an expensive lipstick” I thought. “So it’s worth doing it.”  

My friend was in her own bathroom,  and in my mind that ‘finishing up old lipsticks’ idea was an at-home-kind-of-a-thing-to-do.




Lipstick Brushes

Then, one day, I came across this make-up gadget. I thought it was a pen at first.

But it’s a retractable lipstick brush!  


Now, I have a lipstick brush that’s PORTABLE! Just what I needed because I mostly use lipstick when I’m on the go, rather than at home.


I started using up my lipsticks in the lipstick tubes with the brush. It works well at first, but after a while, it made me feel both cheap and it became rather inconvenient to try to get the lipstick out. The result: I would just throw the old lipstick out.



YSL lipsticks :: Makeup Tips Free Lipsticks ::

Makeup Secret Tip


But then, recently, I had a revelation!  Why not take the entire creamy lipstick ‘stick’ out and put it in a nice shiny new jar.

So I did. With the handle of a teaspoon, I  scooped out the entire lipstick and smashed it into a tiny sample jar.

At first it was like a mess. But with the back of the teaspoon I smashed it down and leveled it off nicely.

And now I have a new  YSL lipstick. 

Comes in a jar.




YSL lipsticks :: Makeup Tips Free Lipsticks ::


How to get the right Consistency for Lipstick-in-a-jar.

Not all Lipstick is made equally, as you know. I noted that some lipstick are easily mash-able and put in a jar. While others stay clumpy. Those are the drier type of lipsticks.

My solution has been to make the lipstick softer and healthier and just add a tiny, tiny tat of organic (food-grade) coconut oil. This coconut oil is creamy rather oily in consistency at room temperature. It’s not only edible: it is really healthy for you!   There, you improve upon your lipstick with this DIY as well, making it healthier.


And there you have it.



How to get your own lipstick Jars

These tiny jars are just ones that I recycled.  You know the small 5 g jars that you get at cosmetic counters in department stores and make up shops  to try out new products? These jars are not just used to give out cream samples.  A lot of lip glosses come in these tiny jars with lids as well.  Well, recycle those! Or similar. A Bird Bee’s wax tiny tin will work too. Really! Do yourself and the planet Earth a favor: recycle when you can.

OK. If you must get started with this right away, you can buy these tiny lip gloss jars online.

Maybe it makes sense to buy a small lot and also make your own lip balms, etc.

Homemade cosmetics would make great XMAS gifts for friends….Mmm… OK. Ok. … I can see a good reason to buy them for others, but do recycle when you can!


Enjoy all your free new lipsticks!





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