Embroidered felt owl tape measure: easy project to make fun tools

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DAY 5 in OWL-WEEK: Free Tutorial for DIY embroidered felt owl tape measure

Be Wise and Carry an Owl Tape Measure. I mean it. Fancy thrifting a great cabinet on a Saturday flee market, only to find that it does not fit through your doorway… Ahhh!! Designer Gabrielle warns us for this potential ‘disaster’ and suggests to plop this adorable gadget in your purse to resolve any ‘should/should not buy’ – dilemmas in future furniture shopping.

I am thinking: this would make an adorable gift to my seamstress and otherwise measuring-twice type of friends. Brilliant!

tutorial for DIY embroidered felt owl tape measure

Be Creative

This pattern has really many uses. Looking at it, I’m thinking that without the tape measure but with a bit of filling, it would make a great little pillow for a child who has to go to the hospital, or with a zipper at the back, and a bit of lining, it would make a fun coin purse. At a braided cord, and it could be a little girl purse too. Upsize the pattern, and you have yourself a great pillow or regular bag.

Get Your Own Free Owl Pattern

Image credit, more info & the pattern : Tiny Apartment Crafts . This tape measure owl was designed by Gabrielle, the writer behind Tiny Apartment Crafts, who lives in Victoria, BC, Canada (very near where I used to live). Gabrielle is a scientist, an ocean-lover and obviously a very skilled craft designer.

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