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Yesterday I posted two crochet craft ideas for Martin Luther King Day. But, when I went to bed last night, in my mind’s eye, I saw this adorable paper garland with letters of just a 1/4 inch height. I could barely sleep as I wanted to try it right away, but I waited till this morning to make one, just to inspire my husband.

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The set tiny letter papers could also be place on a desk or counter, but I prefer to glue them on a string to hang them as a garland across the top of his computer at work. Craft for work, fancy that! Or pop the entire thing into an envelop and mail it to someone who could use the moral support.

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What a great little loving thing-o to add to his lunch – that is, if you prepare lunches, which I don’t. So, I just gave mine to him directly. However, it is not often that we have crafts for dads for the office. This craft project is a good one.

Anyhow, I am completely in love with this tiny garland, which can be made with the most minimal supplies: a strip of office paper, a glue-stick, alphabet stamps and a piece of sewing thread.

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Now, I want to make tons of tiny inspirational garlands for myself and my friends.  With all sorts of inspirational quotes: famous quotes, affirmations, classic card greetings such as Happy Birthday, Get Well, Merry Christmas, Be My Valentine, I love You and more interesting loving phrases which I’ll keep for a later Valentine article.

Imagine getting one of these garlands in an envelop for Valentines.  Nice hey?

The Companion Banner: Dream and Achieve it.

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How to Make a Tiny Paper Quote Garland

  • Just stamp the letters on scrap office paper.
  • Use the picture where the letter pieces stand on the desk as a guide of how to put the letters on and how to leave some extra paper on the top.
  • Cut out the letter strips
  • Fold letter paper pieces over, so that they look like the ones in the picture.
  • Put glue on the back of the letter pieces
  • Place letter pieces over a piece of thread and press the sides together with your fingers to secure.
  • To hang your garland, use either two pieces of sticky tape, two needles, and/or make some tiny knots.

Mr. Luther King Jr :: I Have a Dream

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Martin Luther Kings Kids Craft

This was such a delightfully simple project to make. It took just 10 minutes, and half of that was to find the letter stamps in the alphabet box as they were not put back in alphabetical order (I’m not that neat). As well, only the most minimal of craft supplies are needed.

For Teachers: to file with your other great Martin Luther King art lesson plans. Great as a kids craft to do on Martin Luther King Day itself, on January 18. Craft for children of all ages, and of course anyone else young at heart.

Get The Paper Craft Supplies for the Project

This is the low-cost alphabet stamps letters set:

This is the more ‘professional’/serious crafters’s set:

Alphabet :etter Set :: I have a dream  garland martin luther king craft :: FineCraftGuild.com

Wooden Rubber Stamp Box – Vintage Print Style – Capital Alphabet Stamp and Number Stamp – 42 Pcs Letter and Number Stamp Set

This set that I am showing here is an excellent set, which will lasts you and and which will bring smiles…

If you are a stencilling fan, well, you may prefer to work with an alphabet stencil sets.  Glue, office paper, sticky tape can be best bought at your local office supply stores.

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