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Only 1.5 week till Fathers Day. Better create my lovely Fathers day card with silhouette photo today, so it will arrive in time! Join the party, and let’s make cards!

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The Featured Party Submission this week is by Maria Kitching from Scotland!
She made a fun and original 3D greeting card for her dad. And, … she managed to find a Fathers day theme that I had not even thought of: a sea loving dad!

Of course, there are many fathers who love the water and the idea of the ocean. So if your hubby loves the (look of) the sea, get your inspiration from Maria, who made this nifty 3D greeting card, featuring boats, compasses, maps and seafaring logs.

Nifty, nah?! 

Maria features her Stampin’ Up designs at Crafty Chic.

Now: Time for a DIY, Décor & Craft Party

If you can share an eco-green project, all the better. But most importantly: link up what you have. Show off what’s been going on in your world and your creative projects! Can’t wait to see what you have made!

1 party rule: link back.


Policy: no goods for sale nor linky parties.

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