Great TP Stamp Art Cards for Valentines Day

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Making these TP Stamp Art Cards for Valentines Day are just one of the coolest crafts for kids! So simple, even your 2-year-old can do it! (Note: TP stands for … toilet paper rolls!).

Not everyone would think of this, but toilet paper rolls make instant stamps. Besides stamping the obvious circle, it’s easy to fill each circle with hearts and flower stamps. Pretty!!

Make your own Valentines Day card, Mothers Day card, Fathers day card, Get-well card…. Add an egg shape and use them for Easter Cards. Very versatile, fun and fast craft card to make.

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Craft Materials Needed

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What you need is what you probably already have at home:
1. Scotch tape
2. lid of a recycled jar to pour in a bit of craft paint
3. craft paint
4. scissors
5. pencil
6. toilet paper rolls
7. nice craft paper / card stock
.. and 5 minutes…

Step-by-Step Instructions

Easy = Pretty

DIY heart cards - toiletpaper roll crafts

Make Your Own Stamp Shapes

To make a Large Heart, fold the toilet paper roll in half, fold in one end and secure with a piece of sticky tape.

To make the Smaller Heart shown in these photos, fold the toilet paper roll in half, cut one end open and take off about 1/8 of an inch. Then, use a pencil to coil both ends of the toilet paper roll inwards. When you get the shape you like, secure it with some Scotch tape.

To make a Flower as shown in these photos, fold the toilet paper roll in half, and then in half again. Open it back up and place the pencil inside when you push each of the folds towards the center. The pencil helps to make the petals round… If you don’t use the pencil, you probably end up with an X or a Kiss-shape, which is fun too for Valentines Day.

Both the flower and the small heart fit within the standard Circle of a toilet paper roll, so you already have 4 different designs you can mix and match with, once you make just 2 stamps.

Experiment and invent new shapes as you go along. Want to make some Leaves for your flower? Fold the toilet paper roll in half. Cut it open on one side. Cut off 1” on each side, and secure it with a piece of sticky tape. Shape the leaf a bit with your fingers and the pencil.

5 Minute or All Afternoon Craft Project

While this stamping can mean an afternoon of fun for your little ones, making a card like this can actually be accomplished in just 5-10 minutes. Purple card for papa, and a pink card for mama. Any kid can do this, and you can do it too.

When done, you get this glorious card. Plus two cute stamps which you can have laying around, for cuteness sake.

TP art finecraftguild

This craft made me think of my HOW TO DRAW A ROSE’-tutorial… Remember that? Ever drawn one? Maybe I should coil a TP rose next time and show you how to do that…. Mmmm… for a later day.

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Was first published in 2014. Updated 2022.

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