10 Ways How To Use Stamps in Crafts

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Transforming old artwork with a fresh new layer is easily fixed with some artistic use of stamps.  However, this is not the only way to make stamps useful.  There are many around-the-house & craft uses of stamps where they proof to be oh so handy.

How To Use Stamps in Crafts: 10 Ways to Create Beautiful, Quick Craft Projects

  1. 1. DIY greeting card for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Birthdays, or simple Thank you card, or even Everyday greeting card. Stamps are the fastest way to create something beautiful to please someone.
  2. 2. DIY paper book cover
  3. 3. book marks
  4. 4. Instant personalized stationary
  5. 5. Spruce up your art journal or notebook with the occasional (inspirational quote) stamp on selected pages
  6. 6. Letter stamps are great to make labels for art storage boxes
  7. 7. Stamp inspirational words and giant flowers with textile paint on plain towels
  8. 8. Create your own logo and stamp it on things you make.
  9. DIY butterfly stamp
    9. Hide stains on kids cloths with a simple dash of textile paint and some stamps of flowers & butterflies, trains or toys.
  10. 10. Personalize a kids lunchbox with the same stamp on the outside name tag, napkin and the ‘how to use’ wrapper around the food boxes for the kindergarten staff.

I’m sure I could keep on going with this list… How about you:

How do you solve your ‘daily’ problems with stamps?

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