Laundry Room Makeover w Easy DIY Wall Stencils

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How to use Stencils for Home Decor Fabulousness

I have a bit of ‘green car’ syndrome… I mean, when you just bought a green car, all you spot thereafter are … other green cars. Like so with these awesome small laundry room design ideas. Did you see that article on it recently? Incredible, the design skill, creativity and well, sheer ability to make something splendid out of a space that was a dumpster before. 

So, guess what? All I see is laundry room makeovers and styling ideas for that little, handy-dandy room | corner of the house where we get to do our laundry.

Laundry Room Makeover w Easy DIY Wall Stencils :: wall stenciling :: finecraftguild
Laundry Transformation thanks to Hand-stenciled Wall

Here is another one of these incredible laundry room makeovers. It was a very bbbaaaddd situation before. Then, … from … took it upon herself to change all that… ~ after all, she now owned the place ~ and remove all previous owner’s ‘ugliness’ (or maybe it was once considered adorable??!! let’s not be ‘negative’)…. and … created here an new oasis for doing her laundry..

Let me summarize some of the changes the realized:

  • 1. Got rid of popcorn ceiling
  • 2. Removed old wall paper banner
  • 3. Striped the floor
  • 4. Hung up centered cabinet to store washing products
  • and … ta da, ta da, ta da…
  • 5. She single-handedly decided she needed a hand-made wall, and stenciled each and everyone of these beautiful design patterns onto her laundry wall herself, by hand.
  • Wow. And how glorious this hand-stenciled wall looks!

photo credit | tutorial:  View Along The Way

Stenciling can be a daunting/scary thing (much like Halloween), however, it does not need to be so. There are some simple stenciling techniques and we have discussed these in the past on the blog. Just search for ‘stencil’ in the top right search box and you will find a slew of articles involving working with stencils.

Try your own hand at it. You might like it, particularly once you get the hang of it, and once you get good at it!  For a short cut:

… Oh, and also have a look at this zebra rug project… and last but not least this article with inspiring stenciling projects ~ an overview of magnificent stenciling ideas.

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