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DIY idea after my own heart: wonderful design, easy, colorful + environmentally sound, i.e. gift bags made from fabric by Toni from Design Dazzle. Pretty reusable Christmas wrapping.

They look fabulous under the Christmas tree and can be used year after year.  It takes less than 15 min to make one and when you make one, you’ll make many, reducing the overall making time.


Beautiful, Eco-friendly Christmas Wrapping

christmas wrapping


How to make Christmas Wrapping Gift Bags


    • Best to first assemble a bunch of color and pattern coordinated fabrics and remnants from your stash. 
    • Toni makes them all the same size, ie. 12” wide, with the basic idea of putting books in them. Great idea.  (List of Currently Favorite Craft Book is here / 2 days of online shopping left ).
    • First sew the top hems.
    • On the right-side of the back, stitch a contrast-colored ribbon onto the top middle of each bag.


    • See picture below:reusable_christmas_wrapping_bags_design_dazzle


    • Now sew the sides, material being ‘inside out’.
    • Last, turn the bags right side out, put your gifts in them and you’re done.


gift bags


My take

1. This idea is perfect as it is.

2. If you get so in love with making these bags that you want to make 24 more, then do so and add numbered tags. These holiday book bags, each filled with a Christmas story book would make a perfect homemade advent calendar.



Source / Images: Design Dazzle


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