How to make a wool felt ring DIY and make your diamonds shine brighter

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I did discovered something new, that’s just so cool that I wanted to share it with you: Did you know that if you take a bit of (your favorite) mohair wool yarn and you wrap it loosely around your finger 2-3 times, and you go about your business of cooking and cleaning, along with usual hand washings in between, your felted bitty bit will become a groovy wool felt ring? 


Look! The wool felt ring is just a perfect ‘spacer’ between two precious metal rings you don’t want to rub against each other, like your wedding and engagement ring.

Felt Ring Sizing & Felting

The ring you see in the picture is yarn about 6 or 7 times wrapped around the finger, and after about 2 days worth of felting. I recommend to make it a bit thinner if  you want to wear other rings with it. However, I’d do about 11 rounds of yarn for a stand-alone felted ring.

Note that each time the wool felts, it shrinks. Therefore, you should begin with a very, very loose ring wrapped around your thickest finger. Consider that thicker rings will have less stretch and for a thick ring I’d wrap it around a candle stick that’s slightly larger than my thickest finger for the first felting. Experiment and consider that your felted ring could shrink up to 40%, dependent on actual yarn and thickness of the ring. I recommend to take your ring off when you take a shower, do the dishes etc. Several times a day hand washing is already lots and lots of felting! Eventually you want to take your ring off during all wet activities.

This ring-making technique so easy, I am not naming this article a tutorial. How about calling it my ‘whimsical craft tip of the week’ ?!

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