Make this DIY felt flower bouquet brooch: a perfect gift!

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I wish I’d used this tutorial earlier, as I would have been wearing this gorgeous DIY felt flower bouquet brooch on my outfit today. It is not originally intended as a brooch, but I feel it would make a perfect brooch. And as such, this would be an incredibly professional-looking piece of felt jewelry.

It is the combination of handmade beads, embroidery and monochromatic felt color scheme that elevates this piece of handmade jewelry into professional jeweler’s quality. Now imagine that this gorgeous felt flower bouquet brooch design comes with an excellent step-by-step tutorial so you can make your own!

Here it is: each step is illustrated and explained with a clear photo.

DIY Felt Flower Bouquet Brooch

To make this felt flower bouquet into a brooch, simply sew on a clasp at the back. That’s about the easiest bit.

DIY Felt Flower Bouquet Brooch

Which felt to choose for your DIY FELT BROOCH?

Choosing the right felt might be the tricky party her. You will want to use a top quality felt for this project. I would go for wool or a wool blend. If you look closely at the acrylic felt you can typically find in dollar stores, then you’ll see the cheap pattern of the fabrication in it. You want to buy felt from a proper fabric shop. If you opt for industrial quality felt, the quality will be fabulous, but be sure it is thin enough to model the flowers. Most industrial felt is rather thick ~ too thick for this project.

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