Crafts for an Inspiring New Year’s Eve – free printables

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So much to do, so little a time? Here are a 5 easy and fun New Year’s Eve crafts that cost only 30 minutes or less, and that will spruce up the party!


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New Year Party Invitation Card Design by Rose, Copyrighted, and not intended for commercial use.

Free New Year Party Invitations

Here is a fun (last minute) New Year’s Eve party invitation.

Click the image to download it. Simply preview the image to add the name and details and send via WhatsApp or similar.

If you prefer to print., of course, add several images to 1 sheet (page in Word or similar) and print the page onto card stock.


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New Year Eve Party printables free


Get them to fold some small stars from gold, black or white rag pipe cleaners to personalise wine glass tags, print out the guest ‘Year Reflections’ sheet for some party ‘games’ and you have a complete guest welcome kit. … see 3.

New Year Kids Crafts

Involve the kids in new year’s eve party planning by setting them up to make some groovy new year glasses?

Easy! All you need is a bit of card stock, scissors, sticky tape or glue, and optionally… glitter!

When the kids are finished making their own glasses, spur them on to offer some to your guests, or to use as party decorations.

Get the free printables:


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Click on the image to print this free printable by FineCraftGuild. Mount it in a gold or silver frame as a party decoration.

Play with New Year Resolutions

Get inspired by the Reflections sheets above, play a guessing game with your party guests, having each of them answer the questions. (Tip: kickstart this game by asking 1 question when guests come in the door)

Other questions to answer:

“In the new year, I want to

  • a. do one good deed, namely:
  • b. loose …. pounds
  • c. achieve…
  • d. spend time with….
  • e. make one change, namely.:…”

You can extend this further my making up your own questions to suit the style of your party and your guests.


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12 grapes to count down to midnight on New Year's Eve

Tip: Serve them just before midnight otherwise they’ll be gone before countdown!

Bestow good-luck onto party guests!

With 12 Grapes to Count Down to Midnight at your New Year’s Eve Party.

Grapes are not just a healthy, refreshing, festive decorative snack for your new years party! They have a purpose too!

Treat each guest to a bunch of exactly 12 grapes, to be eaten at midnight (according to Spanish folklore) for good luck in the new year. Eat one grape for each bang of the clock.


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I’m sure you can add your own ideas here on how to make noise! If not, ask the kids!

How to Make Noise on New Year’s Eve

We have tons of easy ideas on how to make noise at midnight. Here are some easy ones:

1. Collect all alarm clocks from the house, plus ask guests to bring theirs. The alarm goes of at… midnight.

2.  Hang pots on a row in the party room and let guests bang them with some wooden spoons when the moment arrives.

3.  Let the little ones jump on air-filled bubbled wrapping paper.

4. Give all guests party whistles or kazoos

5. Fire works.

6. Use vintage school or cow bells and ring them

7. Play firework YouTube videos..


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DIY Desk Calendar, March illustration

Or make your own perpetual calendar (this one is really cool!)

Make a New Year Calendar

If you want to have some practical New Year Calendars (to hand out to party guests as a favour) hop over to this how-to tutorial to make your own desk calendar, from recycled materials.

It’s a fast and really cool project for New Year’s Day to make (with the kids). You just need scissors, some supplies you’ll have ready to upcycle at home, and some good music.


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