How to craft simple, marvellous desk calendars from CD cases

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How to craft simple, marvellous desk calendars | This is the season of new beginnings, and new calendars always are the mark of it. So, here’s how to craft your own desk calendars. Amidst the chaos and joy of raising our kids, it’s easy to forget the importance of personal time management.

A desk calendar can be your secret weapon, a tiny oasis of organization and creativity that can help you stay on top of your busy schedule. Crafting your own desk calendar can be a delightful project that not only adds a touch of charm to your workspace but also keeps you grounded in the midst of the daily juggling act.

It makes for a fun group craft project, that can be fun to make with the kids. In fact, It’s a wonderful opportunity to involve your little ones, teaching them the beauty of art and organization.

  • They can make their own, or you can engage your children in selecting colors and patterns that resonate with them, making the calendar a reflection of your family’s unique personality.
  • Encourage your children to draw or decorate each section with images or designs that capture the spirit of the month. Let their imagination run wild as they create a visual narrative of your year together.

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Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Craft Simple, Marvellous Desk Calendars

Free Tutorial

1. Undo a classic (new) CD jewel case from its interior trappings.

2. Cut a light-colored piece of paper to size with an exacto knife, and write then first letters of each day of the week. Or you can use stamps or your printer to do this.

3. You can use your computer’s calendar tool to determine the weeks and dates of each month.

Once the artwork is complete, add the dates and days of the week. Depending on your artistic direction, you can choose to do this by hand or print it out for a neater finish.

4. Embellish the background of the card for each month.

5. Take out the lid of the jewel case and reverse it so it becomes a stand for your desk.

6. Place your month cards in the upright-section of the case, and there is your personal desk calendar for the year.

Moments of Time that Matter

This simple and great desk calendar becomes more than just a tool for managing your schedule—it’s a tangible reminder of the precious moments and memories you create with your young ones each day. By crafting it together, you’ve woven a little piece of your family’s spirit into your everyday life.

Here was my result for the week, going back 14 years now. That’s when we made tiny photos for our blog pages still. A nostalgic moment for me.

how to create your own desk calendars - simple and great
how to create your own desk calendars – simple and great
How to make your own desk calendars - January example | How to craft simple, marvellous desk calendars

Project duration: 1-2 hours,
depending on how intricate your scrapbook art is.

My example took half an hour and is 100% made with recycled materials (except the Elmers glue). It’s actually now embellished with some Valentine bookmarks, a project I will write about in the next few weeks.

Desk Calendar Supplies

The original idea was to make a home made desk calendar entirely from things you already had at home. Now, over a decade later, CD’s and their jewel cases are not quite as popular as they once were.

You can still buy new ones at Amazon, or find yourself some good used ones in a local charity shop.

Variations on how to craft simple, marvellous desk calendars

Alternatively 1: Use a thin jewel case, place the current month on top of your deck and keep it closed flat on your desk. It now dubs as a coaster.

Alternative 2: Make a year calendar or a week calendar instead of a month calendar.

Alternative 3: Make each day a creative day …. if you really love crafting. Actually this is A FABULOUS journal building tool. You can record your day’s objectives, add affirmations and daily inspirational words. All to keep you on target with what you want to achieve each day of the year.

(This would be a project for someone special)

How to craft simple, marvellous desk calendars: First published January 15, 2009.

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