How to Make Entrelac Crochet Baby Blankets

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One block at a time, and very relaxed, is the answer. If that’s your tune, come crochet along. This post explains how to make entrelac crochet baby blankets. It’s kind of funny: entrelac is actually an ancient crochet technique. But it creates rather modern-looking baby blankets and, in the right color schemes gorgeous throws.

Photo Credit: Martin Up North’s Gorgeous Entrelac Throw Blanket

Gorgeous, right?! Now you’re interested in how to crochet an entrelac blanket yourself? You’ve come to the right spot.

This is the introduction video that explains a bit about how entrelac crochet blankets are  constructed. Then, it takes you to a series of crochet-along videos so that you can make your own while watching the crochet video tutorials.

How to Make Entrelac Crochet Baby Blankets

The Introduction Video

Let’s begin with detailing what you’ll need to create Entrelac crochet baby blankets.

Yarn needed to crochet the featured 4 colored blanket:

This Scheepjes yarn is lovely soft, so perfect for a blanket. It is 78% cotton/22% acrylic -blend, which is why it works with this stitch. The yarn package says that this is for hook size: 3 -3.5 mm (24 stitches x 32 rows to 10cm x 10cm (4×4″) on 3 mm needles). However, the featured blanket is made with a 4.5 mm, to correct for (too) tight crocheting habit as well as to accommodate the entrelac stitch peculiarities.

The featured 4-colored blanket is 15 squares in the first row (starts with 166 chains) and 16 in the second. This makes a width of 68 cm. Add a row of triangles on each side if you want a straight border. Crochet 47 rows length of 102cm). One skein weights only 1.8 oz/50 gram ., and gives you 82 yds/75 meter of yarn.

Supplies for the How to Crochet Entrelac Video Series (below)

For this project, you will need two contrasting colored yarn to go along with the videos below. According to the videos, for this particular crochet stitch (the Tunisian simple stitch), acrylic yarn (or a blend) works best. Better than 100% cotton or 100% wool.

Note that this will create a rather thick blanket, so cost might be a factor in there somehow as well. How much you’ll need exactly of course depends on the size of the blanket. it is recommended that you purchase 1-pound skeins if using two colors, or 250 g per color if using 4 colors. It is better to have too much rather than not enough.

You can use the leftovers for a matching pillow or darling baby display animal or mobile or so. By way of an example, 30 oz (or 850g) worsted weight yarn is enough for a smallish baby blanket that’s a pram cover.

Stitches used for an Entrelac Crochet Baby Blankets

  • Tunisian Simple Stitch – TSS
  • Chain – ch
  • Slip Stitch – sl st

Entrelac Crochet Tips

Basically, you are making little squares (or triangles), one after the other, either strung together or attached to each other ! As simple as that!

Crochet Hooks for Entrelac Crochet Stitches?

Tip 1

Because Entrelac crochet results in a thicker work, you might want to go up a couple of hook sizes, say + 1.5 – 2 mm beyond what is typically recommended for your yarn. This ensure that you are crocheting loose enough for it all to look right and be ‘not too tight’ in the end.

Tip 2

Because the squares are quite small, you can just work with a normal crochet hook and don’t really need a Tunesian crochet hook (although you might find it handy if you create larger squares. But, think of it: you probably have less than 10 stitches on your hook. Any hook can handle this. No problem.

If you are in the market for some pretty Tunesian crochet hooks, i.e. you are hooked on Tunesian crochet, here is a recommendation. This is a lightweight set that has a good range of hooks, and is interchangeable. Pretty great set, as a birthday present, or so:

That’s it for supplies.

Tip 3

Regarding your pattern: none really sets the rules but you! You can crochet row by row, corner to corner, or crochet in rounds of squares a round a center piece. Up to you.

Most people are straight-laced, and string it along. But you don’t have to! It will work just fine if you don’t.

Tip 4

Your blanket sides and borders. That’s a bit tricker to answer than the above three, and is discussed in the complete free crochet video tutorial series below. But the short answer is this: if you line your squares up straight, you’ll have straight borders. Easy. Just crochet a border all around with 1 or 2 rounds of single crochet and you are done.

If you make them diagonal, then you’ll end up with jagged edges and you’ll fill these with 1/2 squares, basically reducing the number of stitches on each row till you have a triangle.

Tip 5: How to make Straight Edges on an Entrelac Crochet Blanket?

Super easy. With triangle rows made as follows: when three loops left on the hook, you YO and pull through the last 3 hook at once (instead of 2, which is the way to create squares). This decreases your stitch count with 1 stitch/row. … and so a triangle forms. In the featured blanket, the triangles on the short side are in black onyx, and on the long side in moon stone.

Don’t know what I’m talking about yet? No worries. First get started with this series of videos and then come back to this tip.

For more info and to get started, click the first video! And you’ll be on your way. Ready for more? Continue with the following video, etc.

Step-by-step Video Tutorial How to Crochet Entrelac Blankets

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10

Video 11

And there you have it!

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