Gorgeous 3D Lilly Flower Crochet Bag

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Free Crochet Pattern for a Gorgeous Bag with Luxurious 3D Flowers.

Great minds think alike. I have been designing a bag ‘just like this’ for over a year! Well, Karen from ‘Colour in a Simple Life’ beat me to it!!! Hers turned out super beautiful. She’s a Pro (and I’m not (yet)). No doubt about it. What’s best is that she shares the bag-making instructions and the hexagon 3D crochet flower pattern with us, in step-by-step detail.



The Quick 1,2,3 How-to


1. Crochet 13 hexagons.

2. Line 11 of them up 4, 3 4, and stitch them together. The mid-section with 3 hexagon is the base of the bag, and the rows with the four are for the sides of the bag.

3. Fold your work over and add a hexagon at either side of the work, so as to make the bag shape complete.  (see picture & details below).

4. Cut and hand-sew a lining, that is the same shape as the crochet bag.

5. Crochet-on a wooden handle.

Sample of Karen’s Detailed Bag Making Instructions


“To construct the bag take another Lily Pad Hexagon and sew it to the main piece above along sides 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 (using all 6 sides, it will enclose the hexagon completely), and then sew side 1 to side 8. Repeat on other side.”

Karen. (she’s good, isn’t she?!)

Love this bag! Now I want to abandon my own project and start hers. Much simpler and oh, so gorgeous. Imagine these flowers in Pink or how about Tangerine Tango, aka orange, the color of the year …


photo credit / complete instructions & pattern: ‘Colour in a Simple Life’

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