Handmade Gifts: Easy Picture Frames Decoration for Kids

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Wonder what your kid could give grandma for Christmas? Well, that’s easy. Any craft shop, dollar store (& IKEA) has these inexpensive blank wood picture frames. They are so easy to decorate, and they look really good when embellished.


How to Decorate Picture Frames

Have your kids decide on a color-scheme and a theme, and  then, let them have a go at it.  Children have loads of fantasy and with just a tiny bit of help (or no help), they can create really good looking frames. 


Here are two versions:

  • One made by a toddler, with foamy heart stickers, white glue and a handful of sequins.

(and yes, made with these hearts, this would also qualify as a Valentine Toddler Craft Idea… )

Great result for a 15-minute-craft project.


  • The other one is made by a 12 year old with pieces of recycled paper and two cut out roses.  A layer of glue, acrylic medium or varnish gives it that shiny look.  The little ribbon gives it that old-fashioned look.   This one took about 45 minutes to produce.

pictureframe2You can place a Christmas wish in the frame, or the obvious: put in pictures of the grand children.  Grandma will like it all.


Free Craft Tutorial

I tried to come up with some text for a tutorial, but really, there is  nothing I can come up with other than: get the scissors out, plus the glue and a handful of craft ‘stuff’.  Now, have the kids start being creative, while you get the Christmas cookies and the hot milk from the kitchen.


Other ideas for decorating your picture frames

* cut all the same color pieces of paper out of a magazine and make, say, a blue frame for grandpa.

* cut open your recycled ground coffee package. Wash it to get the oils of and use the nice, shiny silver side to cut shapes. Glue the shapes  waves &  boats or flowers & leaves, olives and vines, … any theme is fine.   Coffee package materials is great to craft with.

* oh, and there is…. craft paint, and strips of fabric, and markers… all suitable.


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