Yummy Roasted Broccoli w Pinenuts Recipe


Roasted Broccoli w Pinenuts Recipe

As you know, I have been featuring a number of different linky parties of the year.  From the Healthy Recipes Party,  my favorite recipes to date is this one for roasted broccoli with parmesan, olive oil, lemon and… pine nuts! I have made it a couple of times now, and it never fails to taste  delicious.


By  YourHomeBasedMom.com

The Roasted Broccoli w Pinenuts Recipe is Leigh Anne’s who is a cook after my own heart. She makes healthy, hearty and interesting food. She even does Italian contorni (read: vegetable side dishes) with flavors combinations that I have yet to try.

Italians don’t typically add pine nuts to their broccoli, because it’s not traditional to make it so. But I’m open to anything healthy. To me, this both sounds and looks beautiful.  And it’s good for us.

So, thank you, Leigh Anne!

Cookie Mix in a Jar

The first one is by Joanne who has just the best sense of color. And the story to go with these cookies is also really nice. I love it when people live together as neighbors so well. Community is so important. These cookies were made for her neighbor who’s been keeping her driveway free of snow all winter. How nice is that?!


By Creative Mess

Easter Rainbow Cupcakes

From the EASTER PARTY, the winner was:


These Easter rainbow cupcakes are fabulous! Oh, how we all loved them!!! They are fun and cheery, and something kids would love to help with making / baking.  And love to gobble them up, no doubt.  (I won’t think for a moment about food coloring and sugar content, and just share in the delight of how wonderful they indeed look!  There’s a time and a place for everything, right?!)

By Southern Blue Celebrations

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