A Yellow and Pink color combination: a feminine look

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Today, I was challenged my 9 year old to wear pink and yellow as a color combination. My first reaction was that I don’t have any pink/yellow items. However, I managed to create a great outfit out of cloths I haven’t worn for years. Then, I got the bug and started thinking about a yellow and pink color combination, and how that just gives such a happy, feminine look. It’s perfect for a girls bedroom decor, bedding, accessories and crafts. I’ve scoured around the blog and here’s a roundup of crafts and projects using the Yellow and Pink DIY color combination. It turns out: we have many!

Yellow and Pink Craft Ideas

Learn how to hand-paint a kids chair – yellow and pink

Learn the tutorial on how to finish this simple Ikea chair for a young girl’s bedroom in this unique color combination:

How to paint child furniture

Tablescape in yellows

Steal this idea from an Easter table decoration, and use painted yellow and pink rocks instead. Or use pink faux flowers with lemons.

Be creative. It’s the color scheme that you want to play up, and you can add any theme you wish.

easter egg bowl Delish

Yellow and pink paper flowers

How to Make to Make Paper flowers

Yellow and pink greeting cards

Share your wishes for the world.

How to make a Butterfly pop-up card

butterfly card
knitted easter eggs

Yellow and pink eggs – free knitting pattern

These are so pretty they are not just for easter.

Creative Ideas for Easter Egg Decoratons, which has a link to the Easter Egg Knitting Pattern.

Wreath with Yellow and pink roses

Learn how to make your own wreath, in 1 minute.

how to paint a rose

Pretty pink rose painting

If you like romantic roses, then this project is for you.

Learn to Draw a Simple Rose

(so that you eventually get to paint a pink rose with yellow leaves)

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