Beautiful Wreaths Instructions – Christmas

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Beautiful Wreaths Instructions – Christmas in July. Well, it’s really hard for me to get excited about the cold season while I am relishing the warm weather, beautiful scenery and lovely food feasts here in Italy.

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However, for those of you who love ‘Christmas in July’, today I’m featuring a ‘How to Make a Cute Wreath in Less than a Minute’- instructional tutorial with lots of romantic pictures. Ready? I have 4 different wreaths in our house, all made by yours truly.

Beautiful Wreaths Instructions – Christmas

1. white winter wreath

The first one is a decorative paper wreath, which has a more modern feel to it.  It hangs beautiful on my thick antique wooden farmhouse kitchen door.

This wreath took less than an hour to make. Even though we made it last Christmas for the holiday season, it has become a year-round wreath. We simply did not put it away after XMAS as it felt it belonged where it was hanging.

Click here for the tutorial & instruction on how to make this gorgeous paper wreath. Easy and fun craft project which you can do with kids, and you have everything you’ll need in the house already: few sheets of copy paper, a pen, scissors, Scott’s tape or a stapler, a plate and a bit of cardboard.

However, I don’t mean to be talking about this wreath….


Our second wreath is also quite beautiful. It is very Spring-like. It has a Spring flowers center-piece.
purple wreath. I bought on sale at IKEA for $2. Then I dressed up with a violet ribbon, a Bordeaux-red ribbon, and a third sheer ribbon with butterflies and silver edges. I’m also not referring to this wreath.

If you want the tutorial for this wreath, this is what I did to make it: easy wreath ribbonsDuring the year, I collect all ribbons from gifts I receive. When it comes wreath making time, I take all my ribbons out and pick ones blend together.

Then, I started circling the ribbons around and finish it off with a big bow. If you have smaller ribbon pieces, don’t be shy. Just use them up. Over here, the purple ribbons were just two short pieces that you could barely tie a bow with. You can’t tell, however that these were just two leftovers.

Easy wreath.  Recycle one or more twist-tie from grocery bags to hang it up. Done.

However, I did not really want to talk about this wreath either. But the next two wreaths are what I refer to in this article as the ‘Less than a Minute’ wreaths.

3. wedding wreath

My beloved third wreath is a large wreath. It is made from a long garland of faux-flowers that used to adorn our car when we got married.  A romantic memory, that wreath!

Here are the instructions:

All I did to make this wreath was roll the garland and twist it so it stayed together. Then, I added a bunch of pale blue craft flowers and a bit of old ribbon. weddingwreath1And done.

I will show you how to make these toilet paper roll & cardboard flowers for another tutorial to be posted on another day.

Yes, if you want to also make these flowers, yes, than you’ll still need over an hour to make this wreath.  However, personally, I did not made these flowers for this purpose. They were just ‘laying around the house’.

If you too just walk around the house, you also might find bits and pieces in the color scheme that you’re after, and get the result you’re after in a mum of time.  As this is a wreath that’s just hanging on the wall, no glue gun is needed. Just tuck your pieces into the foliage.

4. easy flower wreath

So, now the fourth wreath is the wreath I really wanted to talk about. This little beauty is no more than a string of flowers (too tiny to call a garland) rolled up, going around twice and hung on a hook, directly.

A single flower fell out of another faux-flower bouquet. I picked it up and padded it in place to be the focal point into my brand new wreath. It may have taken me 1/2 a minute to make this beauty. Like it? I do.

For many other Christmas craft ideas, cards and decorations, and even recipes, check out Christmas crafts, or click wreaths for several other wreath tutorials & designs.

(Ps: I am showing you a picture of it where you can still see the garland going around twice. When you actually hang it on the wall, you fold the flowers a bit so that the garland core is not visible any longer. See the very first picture at the top of this article. It’s a subtle difference…)

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