Wrapping Up Gifts with Unusual Recyclables

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I wrote this post with bulk Valentine’s day gift wrapping in mind. However, then I realized that gift wrapping with unusual recyclables is something to do AT ALL TIMES. Green gift wrapping is not only good for the environment, it’s good for the soul. Creativity soars and whimsy emerges.

It is amazing what you can do with an empty coffee pack, a couple of simple stamps and some office supplies. We made these really cute cards and handmade wraps for Merci chocolates. Easy as pie, and not as messy for a classroom give away.




Stamp Art

The tiny tags were made with 4 stamps:

  • Happy Valentines Day Stamp1. a pretty heart for the front
  • 2. an ‘I love you’ stamp for the back
  • 3. a ‘To:’-stamp
  • 4. a ‘From:’ -stamp, both for the inside.







How did we do it?

gifttagsTo Make the Valentine Gift tags

Fold a some sheets of office copy paper into four, length-wise. Cut the paper in the middle. The kid gets to write his her name and all the names of his/her classmates. If there is time left, he/she can color in the pretty roses on the stamps.


chocolategiftTo Make the Gift Wraps

With 2 sheets of copy paper you get wrap up 18 little Merci chocolates. This leaves two chocolates for you, as a reward for all that Valentine gift wrapping, as there are 20 in the standard size chocolate box. Kids in Italy get waaaayyyy to much candy, which is why we chose tiny chocolates instead of larger bars. They eat plenty of sweets already.

  • If you fold a sheet of A4 office paper in thirds, both ways, you get pieces of paper that are exactly the right size to wrap these little chocolates. howtowrapchocolae
  • Now, for North American paper, you’ll have to measure it, as the paper size differs from the European sizes.
  • After you made the folds, it is easy for a child to cut along the lines.
  • Roll each Valentine’s chocolate in a wrapper and secure it with Scott’s tape.
  • We took a blue marker and striped the top of each little wrap.






How to Make Gift Wrapping Curls from Recycled Materials

These silver curly ribbons with dashes of blue are no more and no less than coffee packs.

  • Wash the empty coffee pack with some soapy water, as coffee is greasy. wrappingribboncurls
  • Dry it with a tea towel and cut it into round strips.
  • Cut the strips open at the spot where the two parts are sealed together.
  • Cut off the double-thick bit.
  • Take the strip through the hole and with a pair of scissors create a really easy curl. 

Warning: once you start working with this materials, you can easily get addicted !~ it is so easy to work with and has unique qualities like no other craft material out there. Ha ha

Tip: because my strips were too big for the perforated hole, I cut the ribbon into two thinner ribbons till where there had to go into the hole. This way they went in easily. As a result, I have 1 thick curl at the back and two thinner curls hanging at the front of the tag. Looks prettier too.

Good, Green Gift wrapping

I’ve noticed that all crafts and creativity go up a notch when an unusual material lands on our laps. So, look for one to add to the mix. In this case, I’ve used recycled coffee packs. Also good would be ‘no longer in use’-lego pieces, or an individual silk flower that’s fallen off the bunch in the guest room, or a tea-towel with a hole in it… you name it.

Share your green wrapping stories with us below. We’d love to hear from you.

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