World Peace Day

Paper Crafts

Today, I’ve peace on my plate.


Inspired? Find your own Peace beads or peace pendants or necklace here.

International Day of Peace (United Nations) is today, September 21. I’m not solely a flower-power-babe, aesthetically-speaking. As you know, peace is an issue that is close to my heart.

Therefore, I’d like to highlight peace-awareness raising crafts & DIY projects for kids, moms, school and community.

Peace Day Crafts

How to make a Peace Pole (instructions)

Symbolic Mandala Difficult Coloring Pages (free downloads)

Peace Decoration

Peace Quilt (esthetic inspiration and template)

Peace lanterns  (tutorial with step by step visuals)

I have a dream – Mini Paper Garland (tutorial)

Peace Day Activities

Crafting World Peace : this article includes crafts for kids, for adults, free tutorial on how to make lanterns, group activities, free poster designs, slogans and symbols, … even symbolic cake forms here! In short, happy-everything here.

More Peace Slogans

As well, I thought to create some slogans for you to incorporate in your various craft projects. We all know:

Here are some other slogans from me:

Peace stands for “Please Execute Y–based Action with Compassion & Eloquence”.

  • May peace be in your heart and may you share to your heart’s content
  • Peace is a connectedness to God
  • Peace is finding the Divine within us all.
  • Peace arrives the day that non-violence is more respected than guns.

Note: Copyright Quotes: Rose, : Share With Referencing

OK, Everyone, have a wonderful day!

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