12 Days of Christmas Ornaments = Fab Christmas Decorations

Christmas Crafts, INTERIOR DESIGN

Making a set of individual Christmas ornaments that illustrate traditional ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’–carol from 1780 are a great DIY project.

A Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament Series should include:
1 – Partridge & Pear
2 – Turtle Dove
3 – French Hen
4 – Colly Bird (old English for Blackbird)
5 – Gold Ring
6 – Goose a-Laying
7 – Swan a-Swimming
8 – Maid a-Milking
9 – Drummer Drumming
10 – Piper Piping
11 – Lady Dancing
12 – Lord a-Leaping.

If you make your average ornament about 4 to 5″ (or about 10 cm) tall, you have enough space to add some lovely details.

Interested in me making a pattern set for you for these?

You can then make your own with these patterns, spend a fun hour or so each day to get yourself your own handmade collection. Kinda great, nah?

Like other ideas? See: Christmas crafts.

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