Make a simple womens top pompoms


Follow these simple instructions to make your own ‘womens top pompoms’.

Ahh, this is so fun: Jazzing up a plain-Jane t-shirt by simply sewing on a bunch of felt pompoms of matching colors.

Mandy, from ‘Making Nice in the Midwest’-blog choose black on black, but us color-crazed girls can imagine contrast colors as well ….

How you make this is so easy: either learn how to make a pom pom out of yarn, or order a bag of pompons (e.g. here at Amazon. #ad Then, simply hand-sew the pompoms on at even intervals to any shirt you wish to embellish.

Alternatively, use pom pom trim (.(learn more or purchase on Amazon).

With this trim, you’ll be sure that your spacing is all even. Which is quite a bonus!!

Or, you could use pompom yarn (learn more or purchase on Amazon) and sew that onto your shirt’s neckline. Note however that the pompoms in pompom yarn tend to be soft and fluffy rather than have firm round shapes. The ‘look’ will be a bit different, but nonetheless cute.

Whichever method you use, this is a simple 20-minute project, that can really turn the sun on into your life and transform a bland t-shirt into a happy one.

Pompoms Material

Note that pompoms are made out of different materials. Typically, inexpensive craft pompoms are made from acrylic felt. These won’t shrink when washed. You might want to check ahead of time if they are colorfast, because you don’t want to ruin your shirt in the wash. There are also high quality wool felt pompoms which are actually more beautiful and which are good to embellish furnishings, wool jewellery and accents. I’ll show you how to use these in another post.

Another thing to pay attention to when buying pompoms is size. As you can see in the pictures, this womens top is adorned with rather large pompoms. If you go for more colorful contrast pompoms, you may wish to use smaller ones. Therefore it’s best to buy a bag of pompoms that contains a mixture of colors and sizes.

womens top pompoms

photo credit | source:  Making Nice in the Midwest


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