Miu-Miu Copycat Women Lace Top

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Fashion a’ la Miu Miu

This women’s top with lace edging from Miu-Miu comes in two lengths. I instantly eyed this cropped shirt as ‘something to put on my bucket list’.


Isn’t this darling? Great way to update a Goodwill sweater, or a top that’s in the back of your own closet.


DIY Women Top Lace Edging

Donatella from Inspiration/Realization however spotted the longer version of this Miu-Miu top. Action-oriented DIY-er as she is, Donatella created a copycat exploiting its wonderful potential to lengthen a shirt that was unflatteringly short. It worked. Definitely!

lace women top tutorial

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On her blog Donatella sets out how she added a long strip of lace to an otherwise too short sweater to create a designer and slimmer look!


Want to make your own lace fashion top ??!

Lace Ribbons Suitable for this Project

4" wide:


3.5" wide:


2.25" wide:


2" wide:


Click images to learn more about each particular lace.


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If you are making any of these shirts, please be so kind to send in some gorgeous photos of your creations. We love to feature you.