Here’s how to make women tops with lace & Miu Miu

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If you’re interested in upcycling Goodwill women tops or those from the back of your own closet, then read-on: here’s how to make women tops with lace and some inspiration from designers like Miu Miu. Pretty much all you’ll need is a strip of lace, some fantasy and a pair of scissors! Seriously. The moment I saw Miu Miu’s cropped shirt, I considered it ‘something to put on my bucket list’ of things to make. I have 4 different women top restyling ideas for you here, and a couple of different kind of lace to look at.

All kinds of Lace Ribbons Suitable for this Refashion

You can find all kinds of lace for this project. More info and purchase on Amazon. Here are some I consider very suitable:

This 3.5″ wide lace comes in a variety of colors.

This crochet lace comes gives it a contemporary vibe.

Bright red and stretchy! Click the link as there are 10 other laces and colors. Learn more or purchase on Amazon

Ideas for DIY women tops with lace

Here are four women tops with lace ideas and tutorials for you to choose from:


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lace women top tutorial

Extend your woman tops with lace like designer Miu Miu

This is so simple right? But cutting off. strip of your shirt and replacing it with lace is pretty much all there is to it. Here Miu Miu added little ties to accentuate the waiste line.

A reader, Donnatella, made this project and extended her shirt with the lace for a slimmer look.

How to: cut a front and a back section. Cut around the flowers in the lace on both sides to give an interesting hem to the lace. Leave the lace pieces unattached to bring out the flowers in the lace. Tie with a ribbon à la Miu Miu’s version, or go without if the lace is exactly on the widest part of your body as per Donnatella’s version.

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shirt refashion lace back

Replace with Lace

DIY Demin Shirt with Lace Back

This project replaced the entire back of the women top with lace fabric.

Howto: cut out the back. Use that piece as your ‘tracing paper’ to cut out the lace fabric. Be sure to add a seam allowance on all sides of the top.

To cut the left and right side of your shirt back the same way, fold the demin shirt back over lengthwise and fold your fabric to cut over lengthwise. if you cut your piece with your fabric folded over half, then you don’t need a seam allowance on the side of the fold over.


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How to design your own t-shirt women top with lace

T-shirt with Lace Flowers

Sometimes less is more. This project recycled some lace into flowers and sew them on in a modern way. Simple T-shirt makeover that ‘s very à la Anthropologie.

How to: DIY t-Shirt ‘a la Anthropologie


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How to make women tops with lace and some designer inspiration

Easy to copy womens top with lace flower collar

How to: Again, a simple way to totally change the look of this women top with lace is to put a strip of it around the collar. Tip: when you make your own, be sure you cut out the lace itself. That’ s what give it that special, delicate but finished effect.

The same technique was used by Donatella in the first project. Only this one is not sewn on, it’s using the iron-on Wunderunder (so basically ‘glued’ on). i.e. this is a 15 min project : design, cut, iron. Smile.

Detailed tutorial: Lace t-shirt Makeover

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