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Updated 2012

: Here are 19 ideas for Halloween costumes for women and tweens. For more costumes, review my lists of Halloween costume ideas for girls, boys costumes, couples costume ideas, and groups costume ideas.

Halloween Costumes


If you have a pet that will be at the party, he / she can have an outfit that complements yours.

  1. Exotic Belly dancer costume *
  2. German Heidi (sexy) Server Costume *
  3. Nascar Race Car driver costume (sexy!) *
  4. Wilma Flintstones costume *
  5. Fortune telling gypsy costume
  6. Tinker Bell costume *

  7. Fairy Godmother (of Cinderella) Costume *
  8. bat woman costume *
  9. Witch costume – Must have’s : a gorgeous Witch Hat

    + don’t forget the stockings … *

  10. Peacock costume * peacock costume

  11. Tooth Fairy Halloween Costume *
  12. Alice Queen of Hearts Costume *
  13. Betty Boop Costume *
  14. Authentic Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns **
  15. Zombie costume
  16. Prom queen or Miss World
  17. Marie Antoinette costume
  18. Bride costume
  19. Ursula (the scary water witch)

In a future article, I will offer some tutorials to ‘make your own Halloween costume’. So check this blog back for more ideas.

Halloween Costumes

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