Halloween Witch TP Roll Craft

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Easy, seasonal project here: How to Make a Halloween Witch TP Roll Craft.

It’s hard to get into Halloween, with the sun beaming here in Italy like it’s mid-summer. But dates don’t lie: Fall is around the corner.  At least at night there is a new freshness in the air, that tells me, Fall is indeed not that far away. And that brings me to the topic of this post: how to make a Halloween Witch TP roll craft.

Getting Ready for Halloween

Over the last two years, we’ve done lots of Halloween crafts: pumpkin templates, Halloween costume ideas and designs, several Halloween coloring pages, ghost garlands and lots more. (CLICK link to find ‘m).

What I have featured too much of here is kids craft for Halloween But, as I have been asked, I decided to make a witch tp roll craft as an easy project, and set you all up to make a bunch of adorable witches, which you can fill up with candy. Then, on Halloween eve, hand them out as Trick- or-treats.

Halloween witch tp roll craft
Happy Pink Halloween Witch
with Feet Dangling on a Ledge

The little Witch, sitting Happily on a Table top
halloween witch tp craft idea
halloween witch crafts :: FineCraftGuild.com
Cute from all angles.

Fun Halloween Craft: Now go make it!


    • TP roll (Toilet paper  roll) / other small roll
    • This free friendly Halloween witch template (sign up for our newsletter to have it emailed to you. (existing sub
    • Printer to print the template. These days you can get an HP for $40 or less. Amazing.
    • Kids Scissors – Classroom Pack
    • Elmer’s Glue – all purpose, non toxic, comes in all size containers.
Note for Mom’s, Playgroup & School Teachers:

Crayola class-pack color markers can be purchased open stock. Replenish missing and dried out markers to make your sets complete again for the upcoming year: an economical way to buy markers for an entire classroom.

The cardboard box is also an easy way to store markers, to sort them out after class, and to see which colors are missing. Class packs contain a total of 200 Broad tip markers packed in a sturdy cardboard box.

Craft Instructions

  1. First, sign up for your newsletter and confirm you are you. In response, you will receive this template & many other great craft projects by email.
  2. Then, print the free online template of our friendly witch.
  3. Color the elements on the template as you wish. Be sure to put in some black, white, red, orange, or purple as they are classic Halloween colors. However, you can sure add pink or blue if these are your favorite colors.
  4. Cut out the pieces of the template.
  5. Glue black or purple tissue paper over the toilet paper roll to make the body.
  6. Add glue or sticky tape to the head, arms and feet and paste the pieces onto the body.
  7. Use glue or sticky tape to place the broom in the hands of the witch.
  8. Tip:Depending on the thickness of the paper used, I’d like to glue the colored pieces first on some thin cardboard for extra strength.

halloween witch template
Witch Template Details

Free Craft Template

Fit to page, when printing.

These are just some details. Sign up with our mailing list (form is near the top in right menu bar), and get the free template.

Other Halloween Toilet Paper Crafts

If the witch is too friendly|girly, tough boys will FOR SURE love this other toilet paper craft we featured: scary, spooky glow-in-the-dark ghost eyes!!! A really fun and equally easy to do Halloween crafts for


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