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How to Make Statement Beaded Jewelry.

Over the weekend, I actually set some time aside to zone out, play, learn and make something new. I have made wired beads before for various beaded jewelry pieces, but I never made a largish wire-wrapped center bead.

So, I played with some of my beading, wiring jewelry & other craft resources and when I got inspired, I designed a jewel of a bead! It was fun and easy.

Red Coral Necklace & wire-wrap white pendant by Nichole
Red Coral Necklace & wire-wrap white pendant by Nichole

The sea glass that we found at the beach will have a new home. And it’s nice to have something you made yourself. My own first ever wrapped bead won’t win the jewelry making contest. so instead, what I’m sharing with you today is my journey.

I learned a few lessons of how to make great beaded jewelry, and and on my journey I came across some really artsy jewelry that I’ll share with you today too.

Tips for Creating Great Wire Beaded Jewelry

Couple of tricks to make good wired center-beads:

seaglass earrings  :: beaded jewelry ::

1. Loop It Twice.

Loop it horizontally twice so you won’t lose your stones.

Just look at the large coral bead in this necklace by Nichole W. Kennedy, or even these wired sea glass earrings which I spotted at Linda Schneider’s

Note: the criteria for necklace pendants are really different than for earrings.

For example, you want something large for your necklace, but for earrings, it’s best to use really light beads as weight matters a lot. Yes, there are a lot of tips and tricks to make good beaded jewelry.

Start today, learn as you go.

wire wrapped pendant

2. Use Useless Curls.

Unless you use strong & firm wire, curls should probably be ornamental rather than structural.

3. Hide & Seek.

Secure your wrap around at the back (i.e. like you would when putting a ribbon around a package)

4. Double It Up.

If you have thin wire, go with double or triple layers at a time. Pick the right wire width for your stone to get it to look right.

making-beaded-jewelry_wrap_briolette_bead5. Finishing Matters.

Make a secure hanging loop at the top or back. This is how you finish the top to use your bead as a necklace center bead.

6. Wire Wrap Tools

Use good Jewelry Making Tools, (#ad). e.g. to flatten the metals against the shape.

7. Be Relaxed

Don’t be in a hurry making jewelry. Take your time.

8. Whimsy Works.

Aragonite wire-wrapped with labradorite
By Silvia Peluso

I find that just free-form, no pressure doodling brings best results.   See this pendant here by Silvia Peluso. Her centerpiece feels so right: whimsical and secure.

how to make wire wrapped pendant
9. Themed Approach.

Repeat Repeat. Build a theme with your features, and build. E.g. All sides of this ‘cage’ around the rose quartz center bead are swirly. Individually they are just swirls. 5 together make an adorable cage.

Or, if you wrap with curls, consider making some curls of different sizes and repeat these curls also elsewhere in your necklace or at different parts around the stone.

10. Have Fun.

Life is short. This means that when you get all giddy, because you don’t get ‘this thing’ right, it’s probably time to go to the beach and have a refreshing dip in the water.

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Image Credit:

Whimsical Wire pendant: Silvia Peluso
Photo Pliers: Cristina Romano

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