Xmas’ come and gone, but the wreaths are here to stay?! Oh yeah!! Well, some can, but some can’t. It’s easy to repurpose a Christmas wreath into a wreath that’s suitable for January/February by taking out the holiday details and replacing them with hearts, pinks and reds. And a bit of white, to make the colors pop.  That sort of thing.

Winter Wreaths — for January, Using Recycled Material

However,you want one that signifies a fresh start for the new year, with a new theme.  And as I have a green theme for 2010 (to be clear: a ‘recycle whenever wherever’- theme) , here is what I’ve been looking at for inspiration, found at Gus and Other Things :

recycled wreath _gusandotherthings.blogspot
wreath recycled material

Instructions On How To Make a Decorative Wreath

I just went looking for my prior paper wreath making tutorial, and realize that I never published it!!!  Oh well, never too late: here it is for you now: your handmade wreath tutorial, Illustrated and all.

Other Wreath Tutorials

Easy Indoor Wreath Recycling Postcards

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