White Tunic Summer Dress


Hi guys. I told you I just bought a new sewing machine and have gone crazy designing and sewing. I just made this white tunic summer dress aka beach cover-up dress. What do you think of my new dress? It took me about 2 hours making the pattern, working out the details, getting a good fit, etc. But it’s now a 30 minute – 1 hr dress pattern, ready to re-use for my next creations. Yeah!


White Tunic Summer Dresses

Yeah for new white SUMMER DRESSES …. My first one done!
White Tunic Summer Dress SEWING PATTERN :: FineCraftGuild.com

You can wear this trendy summer dress with or without belt. Both work equally well.




White Tunic Summer Dress SEWING PATTERN :: Fine Craft Guild

It’s so light, it feels great on!


OK, readers. Who wants the summer dress sewing pattern? Drop me a line below. I’ll post it, if there’s sufficient interest for it. Maybe sooner, if I have time for it!


white summer dress tunic sewing pattern :: FineCraftGuild.com


(Ahum … a bit embarrassed to share this, but this will be a plus-size dress pattern. It’s featured here in size L.)

Amy from Texas just asked me where I bought the fabric. Well, it was at the market in my hometown in the Netherlands. However, don’t despair if you have no time to hop over there. Here at Amazon are plenty of choices for very light, sheer fabric that would make a beautiful sun dress for you….
E.g. this beautiful fabric:  here.


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