Pick the best Crochet Hook/Knitting Needle for your Yarn

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A yarn weight table to figure out which crochet hooks and knitting needles you’ll need and so to work out how much yarn you’ll need…? Who of my readers would not want such yarn table??!!

Well, dear readers, here it is:


craft yarn council standard knitting and crochet charts
standard yarn weight chart
How to use this crochet – knitting – yarn chart?

Find a pattern calls for a particular yarn but it’s sold out? No problem. Merely choose a different yarn that is in the same weight or size ~  as shown in the below chart. E.g.substitute a size 3 yarn with a another size 3 yarn. Furthermore, this knitting and crochet yarn chart also indicates the suggested hook size and gauge for each yarn size. Perfect piece of reference. Be sure to Pin/Bookmark this page!

And if you are not familiar with the US crochet hook sizing, here is an additional crochet hook conversion table which compares crochet hooks sizes in mm with US-numbered crochet hook sizes.


photo credit | source : Craft Yarn Council

These are a collection of excellent charts for standard crochet hook sizes, yarn weights, clothing sizes, and much more. 

And while I’m at it, I thought to also share this source-less chart of crochet symbols that you can find in crochet chart patterns. Great resource to fall back upon when you get that chart for something and you can’t quite figure out how to do it.

Overview of Crochet Chart Symbols

crochet pattern chart symbols

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