What to do with an Old Towel + a Pillowcase

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Great summer craft project tutorial.

Well, make practical beach bags that transform into a beautiful quilted beach towel with built-in pillow. What? How?  Have a look at this: Stella’s invention. She calls this the ‘The Sunbathing Companion’ at her blog ‘The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse’.  And indeed, she seems to live her life like a self-written fairy tale. See picture of her daughter’s garden tea party at the end and you know what I mean.


She’s in New Zealand, and let me explain, it’s sunny there.   You need beach gear, all the time. Almost. Well, particularly at Christmas!  Hence, Stella came up with this ingenuity, and she share the free sewing pattern  for her quilted beach bag / beach towel with us, in detail on her blog.

Enjoy Stella’s unique retro taste of styles, colors and patterns. I bet it matches her dress in some cool way too!

The pockets on the bag hold all your beach (garden) reading, sunscreen, drink and snack. And your keys.

When the bag opens up, it all of a sudden looks like this:

Want to make one? Hop over to Stella’s personal paradise, where you can find the tutorial too.  I promised you that fairy photo… well, here it is…


photo credit: Stella.

Recycled Towel Projects

For many of you who have been contemplating what to do with all these old towels, and are umming/ahhing before embarking on this luxurious-looking bathroom mat DIY project, how about having your hand at making this summer beach gadget instead? 

Another recycled towel idea is to  make your kids some Beach-themed bath mitts (tutorial & template for fish, shell, etc). These mitts are adorable and big kids could help making these.  Great bathroom accessory for beach themed bathrooms.

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