Voted 15 in TOP 100 Craft Blogs for 2013

Craft, DIY or Decor Business

I’m grateful.  We’re voted in the top 15 of the top 100 Craft Blogs to follow in 2013.  Gotta love that.  topblogs

Thank you, universe, for the award! “We have ranked blogs by looking at the quality of posts, UX of website etc.“ so the infographics team who works for CouponAudit told me.   It’s nice to be acknowledged, isn’t it?



Craft Top Blogs

Here’s a sample of the list, including some of the more respectable craft blogs … 


See, there we are!! Rose and Michael, smiling! ha ha…


Top 100 Craft Blogs to Follow in 2013

Mmmm…. Well, constructively speaking, there are indeed some other craft top blogs on this list.  However, almost all of the best craft blogs that I know are missing from the list!!! It appears to me that this list is created by indeed a friendly SEO team rather than is compiled by a veteran in the world of crafts who has been really analytical and knows tons of blogs and what constitute a ‘BEST CRAFT BLOG’.

These are not the top 100 in my view, and I’m sure not in yours either.  Nonetheless, the team at CouponAudit did their best, so we are not going to be too critical. The infographic is at Look for ‘top 100 craft blogs to follow in 2013’.

But what I’d rather have you do is: Leave me a comment telling me  WHO IS IN YOUR TOP 10 BEST CRAFT BLOGS? I would love to hear YOUR view.

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