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We all must learn to grow vegetables. Whether we live in a small apartment without a balcony, a unit with just a small patio, or a luxury house with lots of land. Don’t you think? Growing herbs and vegetables is easy & fun once you know how. This is particularly so with the ingenious plastic bottle vertical gardening system that I’m showing you today. You can buy seedlings (which are easiest), but I prefer to start with organic heirloom seeds. You have more control over what goes into your plants that way. I develop my own compost also, but that’s another story.

Vertical vegetable gardens don’t take up space and will help you save loads on groceries. Not to mention, you’ll eat more organics. Oh, the delight you’ll feel every time you’ll pick your own vegetables!!!

How to Grow a Vertical Vegetable Garden | Vertical Edible Flower & Herb Garden

First Things First: Get Organic Heirloom Seeds

Vertical Vegetable Garden :: edible flower garden ::

I actually recommend that you start out with a modest production. This will keep things manageable and allows you to learn. What’s important is that you start your indoor vertical vegetable garden now, and learn just how much fun container gardening is.

Get your set of organic edible flowers, vegetable and herb heirloom seeds out from under the kitchen sink or your garden shed, or order high-quality, organic heirloom seeds now online, because…

…I have 2 videos on how to make a vertical vegetable garden using recycled plastic bottles and they will inspire you!


Grow some Flowers too

Somehow I know I must learn to grow vegetables, but I actually enjoy the seemingly easier to grow flowers too. They are my ‘quick wins’, and somehow add a bit of color to very green vegetable gardens, whether they are vertical or not.

   ***  Pick Pansies ***

Perennial pansies are hardy
and thrive in shady areas or
with partial sunlight.

Tip: don’t forget to order organic potting mix.

How to: Vertical Container Gardening

Essentially, you stack the bottles upside down, fill them with organic potting soil and use a drip-irrigation system to water them. There are subtle differences for indoor and outdoor vertical vegetable gardens.

Let’s take the advice from one reader who built a successful vertical garden. She commented that here 2-ltr-bottles were good for her smaller plants and herbs, which might be easier to grow indoors. Meanwhile, she learned that the 3-ltr-bottles worked best for her vertical vegetable garden. Her outdoor vegetables tended to be larger plants.

Indoor Vegetable Container Garden for Apartment Dwellers

I just love this photo:

fresh vegetables bottle garden :: vertical gardening ::

Indoor Kitchen Garden :: Vertical Vegetable Garden

Also, this vertical garden design gives you great ideas:

fresh vegetables bottle garden :: vertical gardening ::

Vertical Vegetable Video Tutorial

Note If you don’t see the video above, click this link.

Every garden design is different. For this system, you’ll need to cut a large circle on either side of the bottle to allow your plants to grow through them.

This video discusses a bit of the details, and what’s important for indoor gardens. The next video is a lot more detailed and I think is even of use for those who want/need to make a garden indoor. In particular, its details on irrigation are interesting. So, read on…

Recycled Bottle Stacks for Vertical Outdoor Kitchen Gardening

Ideal for Patios & Small Outdoor Spaces.

fresh vegetables bottle garden :: vertical gardening ::

The video below gives you the exact details how to set up your own vertical vegetable garden completely fitted with the most efficient irrigation system.


nasturtium seeds :: fresh vegetables bottle garden :: vertical gardening ::

Embellish & Add Bling!

Of course, if you are a regular follower of this blog, then I expect you to not leave the ugly labels they show in the video onto the bottles.

I hope that instead you embellish the bottles with cute labels, tags, plastic flowers, butterflies, etc.

Remember these darling aluminum butterflies, made from recycled tin foil plates? They would be perfect for this gardening project.

Grow Edible Flowers

Besides growing the vegetables you love to eat of course,   pick a couple of fresh herbs that offer beautiful flowers too.

I’m thinking of adding a few rows of easy to grow Nasturtium (Tropaeolum Majus). This entirely edible plant makes great flowers that cheer up any salad, herb vinegar or garnish. They like full sun and a warm climate, which impart a wonderful peppery flavor to the plant.  Perfect in the Roman sun. Ahhh…

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