I often give my creativity a boost by just browsing through Amazon as an alternative to Pinterest or Etsy. Gives a different perspective. This is what I found by way of inspiration for Valentine’s Day. Let me know what inspires you, and I might just create a handmade version of it and create a tutorial for you.

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Here are 10 creative ideas that I would not mind getting… hint hint… And if you want more ideas (and tutorials, templates etc…, be sure to visit our 30 Valentines Crafts & Cards – overview.

Cute Valentine Apron

1. Chocolate brown and pink polka dot Valentine Apron
(Designer Apron, learn more on Amazon)

Cuteness: 10 out of 10.

hello love home shanti

3.  ‘Hello Love’ – original painting
(Homeshanti, Etsy)

Interest factor: 100


Personalized Valentine Gift Givers: this is a great idea!!

(Find quite a few of these birch wood vases at Etsy)

heart necklace

Whimsical heart necklace.

All charms are removable, so you can change the necklace to suit your whim of the day.

(Kay Adams, Etsy)


If you are going to give chocolate, please choose good chocolate.(Organic, fair trade is even better, and not packaged as lavishly)

Learn more or purchase on Amazon
love peace vinyl-decals rumpelstreet

(Rumpelstreet, Etsy)


Oragnic Heart Cookies (see a selection on Amazon)

And if I could not be getting it, I might just consider making it.

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