14 Cute Valentine Pillows – Free Sewing Tutorials

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One of the easiest way to decorate for Valentines is with pillows. I am getting into pillow making and I found 14 Valentine Pillows. Most of them have free, detailed sewing patterns or tutorials. But as always, some are just so inspirational that if they have no tutorial, I will post them anyway, just for kicks and excitement. ‘’

14 Valentine Pillows - Free Sewing Tutorials -

Like them? Which cushion is your favorite?

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Valentine Pillows #1: Crochet Heart Pattern

large crochet heart pillow, by FineCraftGuild

By Fine Craft Guild. I added this pillow with the large crochet heart to this lineup of patterns, after one of my readers asked me what I’d made myself after finding all these other patterns.

She loved it, so I thought to share it with you all also here.

Design variations: Make it with or without the lacy edge. Replace the lace edge with a single crochet all around to create a modern version of this heart. Alternate colors row by row, for a more whimsical look. And while you’re add it, add pompoms.

Valentine Pillows #2, à la Anthropologie

This is a rather true copy of a popular pillow design featured at Anthropologie. Very easy to make: cut hearts in about 4-5 different sizes but all the same shape and sprinkle these over a pillow case. Pin them in position, and sew them on, one by one. Easy project to also do when you don’t have a sewing machine. You could make the pillow case also, or just buy a set and add your heart embellishments.

And remember, for good design, details matter: black contrast-colored thread, frayed edges. Nice quality linen or cotton. Be sure to use tonal fabric colors to get a similar effect as Anthro.

Valentine Pillows #3: Chain of Hearts

I’d call this a nice and tidy Valentines pillow, with all the hearts in a row.

Valentine Pillows #5: Heart rows

14 Valentine Pillows - Free Sewing Tutorials - :: felt heart rows

By Sutton Grace.

Equally simple to make. Cut hards in same shapes and colors, pin them on in rows. Sew 5 vertical lines on your sewing machine to create your own Valentines heart pillows with 3D ‘butterfly’ hearts.

Valentine Cushions #6: Assortment of Designs.

14 Valentine Pillows - Free Sewing Tutorials - :: assortment

By My 4 misters and their sister. com. (Simple explanations, no tutorial.)

Valentine Pillows #6: Simple Ribbon-Stitched Heart

Valentine Pillows #7: Embellished Felt Hearts (tiny woolen pillow)


By Martingale (free sewing tutorial)

This is one of my favorite Valentines Pillows as it’s so soulful. Full of shakti, what a great project to make, give or get.

Valentine Pillows #8: XO Kisses!


By (diy-decorate-valentines-day-xo-pillows)

(= Free sewing tutorial; similar pillows seen at Anthropologie.)

Valentine Pillows #9: Modern Love Word Art


By U-create.

Valentine Pillows #10: Cross-stitch Heart

cross stitched heart valentine pillows


Valentine Cushion #11: No-sew Felt Heart Pillow


This is a heart art craft project the kids can do.
By Sweet and Simple Living.

Valentine Pillows #12:  Fluffy Heart

ruffle heart valentine pillows pattern
(no longer online)

Valentines Pillow #13: French word art

This Valentines Pillow reads ‘ I love you‘ in French, written all over the heart. So romantic.

14 Valentine Pillows - Free Sewing Tutorials - :: assortment scripted_heart


I love this pillow but it is no longer online.

Here’s the howto in a nutshell: 1) soak a piece of cotton in tea, wring it out, hang to dry.  Cut out a heart shape that befit your pillow size. 3) Write your favorite love quote or ‘je t’aime’ a thousand time. 4) Stitch it onto your Valentine pillow. 5) Optional: embellish edges with a bit of embroidery thread.

#14: Yo-yo Hearts!

14 valentine pillows :: cushion with yoyos heart ::


A pillow for Valentine or any other time when you want to be romantic Cute, but no tutorial. Just a picture of it.  Lilly’s design.