How to Make 3D Valentine Popup Greeting Cards

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Love these Valentine pop-up greeting cards. Classy, simple. Love the color. It’s not pink, for a change. And the card has a universal message that any lover understands. I.e. our husbands. Perfect. Best of all, I’m featuring the free pop-up card template for it today.

Pop-up greeting cards are more than a twist on ordinary greeting cards. They unfold miniature surprises. As tend to also be really beautiful, and full of handmade shakti, they make great keepsakes. There are ‘000s of different surprise scenes you can create. I’m sure that once you have mastered making this pop-up card for Valentines day, that the roof comes off and you’ll be making many other varieties on a theme. I wanna bet. Take me on. Make your sweetheart plus all your friends a special Valentines card with a pop-up surprise!

Your Popup Valentines Card Template

source: Duitang (no longer available online in English)

How Do You Use a Pop-up Card Template?

Print out the template image below and trace, or simply make a similar design onto a rectangular piece of card stock. Fold at the dotted lines. Use a paper scissors to cut along the other lines. This is a super simple craft that looks way more impressive and ‘advanced’ than it is to make. It’s actually … really an easy and fast card to make. give it a go!

You will need some precision scissors however to cut this card perfectly, but if you do, you’ll have stunning and unique handmade Valentines Greeting Cards | Popup Cards for any time of the year.

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