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Over the weekend, my niece and I designed some novel friendship bracelets for herself and her buddies, to hand out on Valentine’s Day at primary school. Want a Valentine friendship bracelet cuff too? Follow right along.

friendship bracelet

Which little girl would not like to get one of these from her friend? Anyhow, it’s another demonstration of the infinite number of lovely things one can make from recycled toilet paper rolls.


How to Make this Valentine Friendship Bracelet Cuff

1. Cut the toilet paper roll core open.

2. Cut off a strip of about 1 1/4 inch.friendship bracelet

3. Round off the edges of your cuff.

4. With a hole punch, punch two holes on both cuff ends.

5. With a craft punch, cut out some love hearts, evenly spaced over the bracelet.

6. On the inside of the cuff, glue on some red, pink, or  lilac pieces of recycled paper.

7. Lace up the paper roll core cuff and wear, or friendship bracelet ribbon

8. Wrap it in a pretty box and put a nice Valentine tag on it.


Craft Materials Neededfriendship bracelet

All you need is for this Valentine Friendship Bracelet Cuff is:

  • a couple of toilet paper rolls (or a kitchen roll),
  • a hole punch,
  • a craft punch,
  • some scrap paper,
  • a tat of glue and
  • a remnant of ribbon.




Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids to Make

This children valentine craft is …

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  • as an easy valentine day crafts for 4-5 year olds
  • a wonderful 1st grade valentine craft idea
  • or as a valentine crafts for 2nd grade,
  • heck, it’s a valentine crafts for all elementary aged kids !


friendship bracelet

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