Valentine Cards for Kids: i.e. The Entire Class!

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“You’re such a sweetie”, it reads.

I am asking all moms: ‘What’s not to love about this?’ All you have to do is print these Valentines and add the names of 20 kids. Done.

free valentine card template

I am dedicating this free downloadable to all moms who are being jumped upon, at the last minute, by some other mom (who has too much time on her hands) and decides that all the kids in the class have to give Valentine cards to all the other kids!!! Moms: here is your easy solution.

Rather than to learn how to make 20+ handmade valentine cards in 2 hours, all you do is print these. I reckon they would even look good in B/W. Your child could color them in in red/pink/blue add a red/pink/blue ribbons. And you’re done: beautiful Valentines for the kids.

Actually, I think that adults in your life who you think of as ‘sweethearts’, such as your mom’s best friend, would like to get sweet little Valentine greeting cards like these too. Rather than pairing them with a candy, add a few gourmet chocolates in a pretty bag instead. I would like this.

A big ‘THANK YOU!!’ to Jessica Renee Shaw who designed these free downloadable Valentine cards.

Printable Sweet Valentines

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