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Today, via Pinterest, I came across some awesomeness: upholstery reference charts for all your DIY furniture upholstery projects. Instantly you’ll know how much yardage you’ll need! Wowsa.

I know that you will just LOVE them. They answer  ‘how much yardage do I need to upholster my chairs?’ The table below shows you upholstery yardage info for 36 different chair shapes. Then, there’s more:  ‘how much fabric do you need to upholstery stools / ottomans? (another 4 different styles). And last but certainly not least, for 15 different sofas, it answer: ‘how much fabric will I need to upholster my sofa?’.


Ta da!!!  You love me more now than yesterday?!  Here, download these reference tables. Free.

How to use Upholstery Yardage Reference Tables

Please use these fabric reference tables as rough estimates only. Check with your chair upholsterers or sofa manufacturers before buying fabric.  If you are going to do the upholstery yourself, do get our your measuring lint and check your chair out a bit more in detail.

You will need more yardage for patterned fabric. How much more depends on the size and repeat of the pattern.


credit for charts: Butler K. Fabric Yardage Chart Version 2, Knol 2009 (no longer).


Just click images to download and print, or bookmark/pin this page for future reference.  Btw. I think these lovely vintage (?)  hand-drawn illustrations are adorable. So here’s a tip for you: print & frame them and hang them as wall art in your sewing or craft room.

DIY Upholstery Furniture Projects

Now that you got the upholstery reference tables, here’s a list of DIY upholstery projects for you, and if you are are into recycling furniture or making furniture from scratch, be sure to check the second list too:

Furniture Project Lists

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Have a productive weekend!

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