Unique face painting ideas for you

Halloween Crafts

Here are some unique face painting ideas for you to complement your Halloween costume.  Or sometimes, instead of a full Halloween custome!

Mexican Sugar Skull Face

In Mexico, at the day of the death-celebration, the face painting designs are called sugar skull faces. Some really interesting designs here, some of which are simply marvellous also for Halloween.


: it’s true art inspiration for me.

Unique Face Painting a la Roy Lichtenstein

This is one of my latest favorites. I wanted to show this amazing unique face painting video tutorial, with a really clear demonstration on how to create that polka dots print effect that sets Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art apart.

Witch Face Painting (like a pro)


Click here to: Learn how to make this face painting.  (This is an article with face painting designs, ideas and tips)

Hawaiian Princess Face Painting


Aloha to this sweet & beautiful water nymph! This face is great for Halloween but equally for a girls’ birthday party in summer, I think.

For more tips and ideas, visit Halloween Central .

Happy Halloween ya-all!

photo credits: Laihiu at Flickr for the first photo, facepainting.uk.com for the witch photo, and Oddzinends for the last photo.

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