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Stunning Union Jack Sweater Dress Knitting Pattern with scarf | As I’m trying to have fewer but better outfits these days, I’ve been fancying myself a couple of trendy ‘sweater dresses’. The sweater dresses that catch my eye tend to be ‘not quite dresses’ and ‘not quite sweaters’ ~ comfy & casual, but also somewhat chic.

So, today, I am sharing yet another one of my sweater dress knitting patterns for you. It’s the third free knitting pattern in a mini-series of wonderful sweater dresses:

The Union Jack Sweater Dress Knitting Pattern

The Union Jack Sweater Dress Knitting Pattern

So unique! And it’s a free knitting pattern by Rowan. The pattern comes in size 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. The knitting yarn you’ll need is Rowan DK, which you can look at and purchase on Amazon (Originally, “British Sheep Breeds” yarn by Rowan. This is a light-weight yarn for indoor wear.

To get the “exact” same dress as in the picture, you should get:


Free knitting patterns

Actually, I have 2 free knitting patterns for you:

  1. Union Jack sweater dress. This pattern is only available from my personal library of patterns which I have collected over the years, as it is no longer featured on the Rowan site.
  2. A matching scarf union jack pattern.

. To get your hands on either pattern, simply sign up for my newsletter and the patterns will be automatically sent to you upon clicking the confirmation link.

Sweater Dress – Free Knitting Patterns

Union Jack sweater dress pattern:

which you could use to make the Max Mara and Gucci & Bluegirl dresses. Adjust the details: i.e. omit the union jack and add stripes. For the Bluegirl dress, you must increase at the hips to create a more balloon shape and adjust the front hem line to be shorter. Switch yarn colors at the waist.

Hermes Sweater-dress pattern:

which you could use to make a dress that more or less works like the one of Les Copains. As well, to understand how to make an over-sized V-neckline.

Coarsely knit dress pattern with wide scoop neckline.:

to make a sweater similar to Anteprima’s first featured dress.

I also want to show another pattern, of our tuxedo sweater dress knitting pattern, which shows an asymmetrical hem line, ~ i.e. a feature that was popular among many designers in their collection for this year. Tuxedo and other tailored jackets, paired with woolen cardigans and sweater dresses were popular.

In the collections of the various world-famous fashion designers at the Milan Fashion Show there were quite a few knitted cardigans with collars just like this one. Click link for the free knitting pattern for this fashionable womens cardigan

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