Bake Typography Cookies for a special, personalised gift!

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Typography Cookies | This is a perfect idea for a personalized holiday celebration: typography cookies. Who would not like to receive an edible monogram. Perfect idea!

easy typography Christmas cookies recipe

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I love using this idea for the Thanksgiving dinner table. Each guest gets an edible, personalized table setting with these.

How to Make Typography Cookies for Thanksgiving

Simple recipe

  1. Go over your list of people who will be coming for your Thanksgiving dinner and write down the initials of all. 
  2. In Word, write these letters in different fonts, enlarge them till they are cookie size and print. Different fonts will need different font sizes, but you can fix that easily.  Don’t make them too small and use fonts that are not too dainty.
  3. When you have the letters printed, cut them out.

Using your own favorite sugar cookie recipe:

  1. Roll out your cookie dough and place your letters on top. With a sharp knife, trace the letters.
  2. Carefully place them onto a cookie sheet and into the oven with them.
  3. Adjust your length of time in the oven based on how large you are making your cookies and how high your dough is.
  4. If you wish, you can make a hole in each letter so pull a ribbon through them, to transform them into an ornament / napkin ring decoration.

Oh, just how wonderful and personal Thanksgiving dinner table decorations this will be. Love ‘m. Don’t you?!

p.s. salt-dough lovers can make these using salt dough and make them into Christmas tree ornaments.

Hope You’ll have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

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