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Transform a favorite t-shirt (e.g. one whose sleeves have become too short) into a Designer Tshirt Crochet Pattern. Here’s a crochet pattern to do so.

I just visited Spain, the home of Desigual. I realized: ‘All there is to great design is style’. So, when pursuing this project, go at it with a needle, some yarn and a fresh sense of style. Your style. Stick to a color scheme that pleases you. Go wild and crazy if you will.

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Designer Tshirt Crochet Pattern for Spanish Cuffs & Ruffles

This girl’s favorite t-shirt was ‘worn to death’. But, it just got another lease on life with these ombre – striped crochet Spanish cuffs and ruffles. A contemporary take on what a grandma knew all along: lengthen what has become too short!

The striped cuffs were matched by a striped ruffle all along the length of the shirt body.

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Designer Tip: don’t just work with t-shirts you already own. If you see an inexpensive t-shirt on sale may be a tat plain, or with sleeves that are a tat short, consider adding custom elements such as these crochet sleeve-extenders and other crochet design elements. Like this crochet owl applique.

Bring a fitting shirt along when shopping. Usually , if it is just 1 size difference, the sleeve insets at the arm pits and the body are big enough. However, make sure! As any mom knows, sizes and shapes of kids cloths vary by clothes designer. Lots.

Love these cuffs! Now, I’m going to scour in my own closet for women tops to extend….

Yarn Needed

You will need just a little bits of yarn for this project. Maybe 1/2 a skein in total. Therefore, I recommend you use up yarn you already that matches the colors of your shirt.

However, if you have no yarn on hand and must buy it for this project, than I have a clever idea: buy enough yarn to knot, knit or crochet a matching cardigan, scarf, belt, brooch, necklace and/or hairband.  It will make the ensemble more stylish, designer-ish, versatile and practical in wear.

Which yarn?

Lion Brand Yarn 760-153 Lion Cotton Yarn

Click this link to buy a comparable yarn to what I have used in this project. I used crochet needle size 3.5, and 2 different brands of yarn to match.

Gauge: not so relevant. Instead adjust your stitch count to the size of your garment, and the thickness of your thread.

Ready???!!  Get your Spanish Cuff & Ruffle Crochet Pattern now!

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