Great Triangle Shawl Knitting Pattern With Tassel, Trim And Cross. Wear As Scarf Or Hoodie

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This trendy triangle shawl knitting pattern is as much a trendy bulky scarf as it is an elegant bulky shawl with fringe. Exert your personal style by finish your scarf off with your personal statement. Several examples of optional details with patterns/tutorials are included in this triangle shawl knitting pattern.

Oh wheeh! Just finished designing an over-sized or bulky triangle shawl knitting pattern, and I’m absolutely thrilled about it. This is the base shawl. It is great because it has extra long tails, meaning that this shawl will stay better put hanging over your shoulders. And it’s a bit different. This shawl is also a size bulkier than most other shawls.  It’s a black shawl, so it matches everything. It’s a wool blend – so it’s wonderfully warm while still washable.

triangle shawl knitting pattern

As the increase count pattern is simple, this is also a perfect ‘bring along’ project. Yes, it’s a great knitting beginners project.

After I got the base shawl right, I started adding features to transform it into a statement fashion item. To explore the different styles one could create, I added beaded tassels. Next we transformed it into a hoodie.  Then, I added a huge trendy cross.

This over-sized shawl is so big and bulky, it can be worn as a cardigan!

The shawl knitting pattern is now in my little knitting pattern shop.

Bulky Triangle Scarf Knitting Pattern;
Personalise it YOUR Way

My idea was to make a basic triangular shawl knitting pattern and then to embellish the shawl in different ways.

triangle scarf knitting pattern

The first thing I did was adding tassels with beads. That has been proven a great idea!
triangle shawl tassels knitting pattern
Even though the beautiful Troll beads I chose are only small, together with the yarn tassel, they have just enough weight to keep the two ends of the triangle scarf hanging properly. They also lend a touch of elegance to the scarf.

Triangle Wrap Scarf Hoodie Knitting Pattern, Modelled

Over the holidays I had the delight of having my pretty niece over and she willingly modelled my triangle scarf as hoodie. Here are some photos showing the various ways the scarf can be worn: as a glamorous hoodie, as country-walk wrap and as a casual over-sized scarf (regular or faux-infinity scarf).

free oversized triangle shawl wrap scarf hoodie knitting pattern

Garments that can be worn in different ways are all the rage. (Trust me, my ‘How to Make a versatile cardigan like the Bina Wrap’ is one of my most popular free patterns these days… )

free oversized triangle shawl wrap scarf hoodie knitting pattern

I love this glamorous hoodie version the most. So easy to pull that off: just wrap it loosely around your head and use the tails of the triangles to secure it in position and warm your neck and shoulders.

free oversized triangle shawl wrap scarf hoodie knitting pattern

Worn as a Scarf

Wear it as a shawl or a scarf, depending on your mood, your outfit or the weather.

Triangle Scarf with Cross

Next, I transformed my triangle shawl into a stylish oversized cross scarf.

While I initially made a cross as an appliqué that goes on top of the all-black scarf, I have worked out the details and stitch count of the cross, and in the knitting pattern will give you the option to knit the cross design right away into the shawl itself.  Don’t worry, either way, this is an easy triangle scarf to knit.

cross scarf :: triangle scarf knitting pattern

You can wear the cross shawl in several ways:  with the cross at the back of your coat;  at the front; as a 2-tone neck tie draped over your shoulders or around your neck.

Cross scarf :: Triangle Shawl Knitting Pattern

Or, wear it over a t-shirt and tuck it under a jeans jacket, so that it becomes a faux-top.

Cross scarf :: Triangle Shawl Knitting Pattern

Cross Scarf, Tassel Scarf, Hoodie, Bulky Triangle Shawl?

Prefer any one of them? I’d LOVE to get your input for future shawl design ideas.  If personalisation & stylish embellishments are ‘your thing’, what kind would you like to learn how to knit?  Fall leaf motives? Flower trim? Pretty edging? I’ve already designed a sugar skull knitting pattern. An ‘angel wings’ – pattern is in the works. And I will also include a plaids design, to make this Burberry-like. Also very trendy.

Want to make this Scarf?

If you want to make this triangle shawl (and can’t wait to begin knitting), here’s the triangle shawl knitting pattern in my little knitting shop (instant download).

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