Trends in Toilet Paper Dresses & Coffee Filter Prom Gowns

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Trends in Toilet Paper Dresses & Coffee Filter Prom Gowns :: Imagine this. A cheap-chic wedding site has an annual contest for who can make the most beautiful paper wedding dress. And then look at the pictures below, and be blown away by this spectacular dress.

It’s hard to believe that the winner of this paper wedding dress contest made her spectacular wedding gown from just toilet paper, tape and glue! This dress appears to be as beautiful as one made by a top designer in silk. Oscar de la Renta may soon have a new designer on their Haute Couture gown design team. This girl, Ann Kagawa Lee, is talented!

Cheap Chic Wedding Contest

This paper wedding dress made of toilet paper has been compared to the (silk) designs of Oscar the La Rente.

It has been designed by Ann Kagawa Lee, and won the cheap chic wedding contest for her paper wedding gown design. (Amazing… a toilet paper dress… What you can do with toilet paper!!)

toilet paper wedding dress ::
toilet paper dress patterns ::

May I introduce … another Coffee Filter Paper Prom Dress Designer ?!

Another talented young paper dress designer: Aimee Kick. Besides studying (she’s only a high school student!), Aimee has been working in a coffee shop and translated her inspiration into this marvellous coffee filter prom dress. Don’t you just love this (girl)?

A contemporary Prom dress made 100% of coffee filters

(Note that matching coffee-bean necklace – a great touch of style!  I like the idea of making this necklace on its own as a separate craft project.)

coffee filter dress pattern ::
coffee filter prom dress pattern ::

Paper Wedding Dress | Prom Gown Making Resources

Hand-painted Coffee Filters

You will need lots and lots of these: paper coffee filters!

Go with the plain white or use some watered-down acrylic paint and make your own pastel colored paper filter. You can bake them dry for a finished look.

coffee filter dress pattern ::

Templates, Patterns
& Paper Dress Making Tutorials

For patterns for paper dresses: some of the wonderful free online paper dress making tutorials such as the templates for 3 different paper dresses below, are available for free here. As well, you can use the Vogue, Butterick and New Look patterns featured here instead.

paper dress patterns :: coffee filter dress pattern ::

Learn How to Make your own Paper Dress, Wedding Gown or Other Dress

Here are some great books for you to get your hands on if you are serious about making your own wedding dress or other significant dresses. These books can help un-pop designer-in-you!

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